Topics for consideration during the course and for student-led discussion

Forced and 'voluntary' movements and migrations: internments of Japanese Canadians/Americans/Doukhobors (and others); movement of aboriginal peoples to urban centres; residential schools and fostering (compare with stolen generation in Australia); reserve/reservation system and Indian Act (compare with apartheid in South Africa); Darfur/Sudan; India (partition); Iran, Palestine, Rwanda/Somalia, Burma, Sri Lanka, China (the list is endless).refugee history/policy in Canada and other nations; legal and illegal migrancy; Trail of Tears; Metis diaspora, Underground Railroad and Atlantic slave trade, African diaspora, Jewish diaspora,indentured labour in Caribbean; immigration and immigration policy, domestic and comparative; post '9/11'; 'terrorism'; queer diaspora/migration, border crossing (history, documentation, notion of nation, etc), guest worker policies, notion of tribal peoples in contemporary world; policing of the movement of people; removal and genocide; concepts of identity through history, region and time (mixed, adopting identity, false identity, appropriating); concept of 'a people' vs individuality; notions of home; cultural appropriation and hybridity (music, art, film, dance, writing).

Add to this list as you go.