Residencies @ CiCAC


The premise of the CiCAC residencies is to provide artist-researchers with time, space, and resources not only to produce creative work, but to experiment with ideas, processes, and collaborations. The general concept is available in the About CiCAC section of this website,but interested artist-researchers should keep in mind that intersections of research, practice, and socio-political implications are paramount to the residency component of CiCAC.


The Studio

CiCAC is a single, but adaptable space, suitable for several individual artists or collaborative groups. 'Softwall' technology allows the space to be configured into multiple edit/office/studio compartments or single/dual workspaces. The space is equipped with three PowerMacs and video-editing software plus broadcast-quality cameras and a large format printer (Epson 9600). Still cameras, data projectors, sound recording, and other equipment is also available.While 'wet' areas for painting, printmaking, photo, ceramics, sculpture, are not part of the CiCAC studio space, artist-researchers working in such media may be able to make suitable arrangements. Generally, however, CiCAC is intended for concept development and processes that can take advantage of new media and configurable spaces.



Interested artist-researchers should complete the application form, detailing their program of research and explaining how this connects to the CiCAC mandate. Support materials may be submitted electronically along with the application.


Fees and Financial Support

CiCAC charges no residency fees or rental costs for equipmet. Artist-researchers in the program receive full access to the CiCAC space and equipment. Printing and other costs will be charged to residents at cost. CiCAC will work with residents to help cover accommodation, travel, and material costs, providing internal support where possible and assisting in retaining external support.


Duration of residency

CiCAC supports both short-term (up to two weeks) and long-term (up to three months) residencies.