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ED507 - Research Project: Design

Pragmatic Essays

Professional Conversations


A full text copy of the article "Mastering Education: A Preliminary Analysis of Academic Literacy Practices within Masters-Level Courses in Education" by Barry Stierer is accessible to anyone with a TRU library card through the ERIC articlebase.

Critical Pedagogy

Charles Paine "Relativism, Radical Pedagogy, and the Ideology of Paralysis"
Theoretical analysis of contemporary strategies of critical pedagogy.

Edward Said "The Public Role of Writers and Intellectuals"
Introductory essay on public intellectualism by one of the leaders of postcolonial criticism and theory.

Elizabeth Ellsworth "Why Doesn't This Feel Empowering? Working Through the Repressive Myths of Critical Pedagogy"
Critique of critical pedagogy as largely abstract and utopian, using a case study of the construction of an antiracism course.

Hank Bromley "Identity Politics and Critical Pedagogy"
Article from the journal Educational Theory on the intersections between the various elements of race, class, gender, sexuality and teaching practice.

Henry Giroux "The Hope of Radical Education: A Conversation with Henry Giroux"
Short, general interview with one of the major players in critical pedagogy/radical education.

Henry Giroux "Teaching in the Age of 'Political Correctness'"
Critical analysis of the effect of contemporary politics and rhetoric on radical education.

Ira Shor "Freire for the Classroom: A sourcebook for Liberatory Teaching"
Preface and introductory chapter on Freirian models of education.

Kenneth Bruffee "Peer Tutoring and Institutional Change"
Analytical and reflective piece on the pros and cons of peer tutoring from a faculty member perspective.

Nancy Schniedewind "Feminist Values: Guidelines for Teaching Methodology in Women's Studies"
Feminist analysis of crit-ped methodologies as a transformative tool.

Paulo Freire "First Letter: On the Spirit of This Book"
Introductory essay from Pedagogy of Indignation by Freire, perhaps the most well-known radical education theorist. , on the challenges of teaching practices.

Paulo Freire "Cultural Action and Conscientization"
Explication of the process of "conscientization" as an intrinsic part o cultural action for freedom, specifically referring to Latin American examples from the 1960s and 1970s.

Paulo Freire "Education and Power"
Conversation between Freire and Gilberto Guevara-Niebla on numerous issues around the practice of liberatory education.

Peter McLaren "The Liminal Servant and the Ritual Roots of Critical Pedagogy"
Discussion of three types of 'ritual performance' in classroom/teacher settings

Sherene Razack "Story-telling for Social Change"
Strategic use of telling stories as a way to oppose established, oppressive knowledge systems.

Steven Athanases "A Gay-Themed Lesson in an Ethnic Literature Curriculum"
Case study of responses from tenth-graders to a lesson dealing with gay and lesbian experiences.