Performing Identity/Crossing Borders: The Cyprus Symposium

The symposium takes place at the Kasteliotissa, an attractive monument with a vaulted ceiling and the only surviving part of the famous Lusignan Palace. It is adjacent to the Castelli and Holiday Inn and a short walk from the Centrum, accommodation sites for the event. Day One of the symposium begins at 2 pm, Thursday, May 3, with introductory remarks and a series of performances. Day Two (Friday, May 4) begins at 9:30 am and features a series of discussion sessions, performance, plus literary readings by the Desi Grrls, a collection of South Asian Artists/Academics from Canada. Saturday, May 5, is Day Three and continues the discussion sessions, closing with more performance and a debrief and meet/greet at the Castelli, followed by a reception. Day Four (Sunday, May 6) is a roundtable to reflect on the symposium activities and plan for the future. The entire event will be videotaped and featured parts made available on the CiCAC website.

Complete Program