Performing Identity/Crossing Borders: The Cyprus Symposium


All presentations are now available for download. Delegates are urged to read these works before the symposium as sessions will be discussion- rather than presentation-based. Presenters whose names are highlighted will be performing works live, so their work will not be available for download.

Collected Version of All Presentations [download document] (186 pages, 2.4 MB)

Tomi Adeaga

Africans, Immigrants, and the Question of Identity in Germany
[download presentation] (160 KB)

Kristina Aurylaite

"I must be different when I am out there" (B)order in First Nations Canadian Lee Maracle's Novel Ravensong
[download presentation] (174 KB)

Núria Casado Gual

"Finding Another Face Inside My Face": the Semiotics of Mime in Edgar Nkosi White's Racialized Dramaturgies
[download presentation] (157 KB)

Isil Egrikavuk & Georgia Kotretsos

Re-thinking Artists-in-Transit
[download presentation] (2,616 KB)

Hiromi Goto and David Bateman

The Cowboy and the Geisha
This performance will be presented live at the symposium.

Dr Jonathan Hall

Writing Citizens: Teaching Writing and Performing Citizenship in Lebanon
[download presentation] (4,748 KB)

Ann Holloway

Performance of ‘Kingstonia Dialect Perverso’
This performance will be presented live at the symposium.

Wojciech Kalaga

The Third of the Body
[download presentation] (191 KB)

Smaro Kamboureli

Memory under Siege: Archive Fever in Theo Angelopoulos’

Stavros Kariyanni

This performance will be presented live at the symposium.

David Khang

Survival of the Fittest (What is a nice Korean wanting to cross the DMZdoing in a Green Zone like this?)
This performance will be presented live at the symposium.

Frances Kruk

With a Carving Knife: Unearthing the Feminine
[download presentation] (174 KB)

Larissa Lai

Butterfly’s Borders: Gender, Geography, Fantasy and Experience in David Bateman’s Lotus Blossom Special
[download presentation] (21 KB)

Marie-Claude Legault

"Quiet Revolution": Michel Tremblay`s Reinterpretation of the Frontier between the Francophone East and the Anglophone West of Montreal in Some Night My Prince Will Come
[download presentation] (174 KB)

Marc Müller

“The compass creates the hand”: On Inter-Relations of Self, Words and Places, and Inter-Cultural Poetry by José F. A. Oliver
[download presentation]

Mervyn Nicholson

Fast Forward Nation
[download presentation]

Sondra Sainsbury

The Silent Presence: Asian Female Domestic Workers and Cyprus in the new Europe
[download presentation] (191 KB)

Slavica Srbinovska

Hermeneutic approach to the concepts of identity, power and their commitment in the discourse of contemporary philosophy
[download presentation] (151KB)

Aruna Srivastava, Proma Tagore, Lisha Hassanali, and Sharanpal Ruprai

Panel: South Asian Bodies in Performance

The Road to Nicosia: Fragments, Quotations, Potholes (Louise Saldanha and Aruna Srivastava)
[download presentation] (111KB)

Migrancy, Remixed: Bodies Beside(s) Themselves (Proma Tagore)
[download presentation] (173KB)

Not Our Mother’s Choli: Film, Identity and Transforming Borders (Sharanpal Ruprai and Lisha Hassanali)
[download presentation] (99KB)

Stephanos Stephanides & Gür Genç

Presentation of video poems, "Kiss my Corpse" and "Twice Born".
This performance will be presented live at the symposium.

Dr. Rossitsa Terzieva-Artemis

"Desiring," or Simply Human: Jeanette Winterson's Written on the Body
[download presentation] (148 KB)

Petra Tournay-Theodotou

Strange Encounters: Nationhood and the Stranger in Caryl Phillips's A Distant Shore
[download presentation] (148 KB)

Sofía Muñoz Valdivieso

Crossing Borders to Perform Identity in Jackie Kay's Trumpet
[download presentation] (143 KB)